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Vote for the next animal

In partnership with Natagora

Le Slibard creates 100% European underwear representing wildlife for which we donate 5% of our revenue. We are very proud to team up with Natagora. They represent the very essence of protecting biodiversity in our regions. 

Vote for the next endangered species to be represented on our Slibards and supporter with Natagora.

If we reach 5000 total votes, we unlock the second most voted species.

4560 votes
The Wolves
The Beaver
4000 votes
The Otter
4000 votes
The Bat
4000 votes

The wolves just were introduced in our region. There are a crucial balance being a predatorWith Natagora, we will make sure farmers and wolves can coexist.

The Beaver has an extraordinary role in the way rivers build themselves. It provide shelter for other species. With Natagora we will create stuff for them.

Bats eats a lot of insects and are therefor very important for the balance of nature and can feed also. With Natagora, we will build a shelter for them.

The Otter despite being very sweet, is very important for the other species. It can also help people to get. With Natagora, we will promote them around our regions.