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We love your curiosity,

And we are more than happy to respond to it.

We will explain you who we are, what we do and why.

To make it short, the best way to dress is to wear second hand clothes. However for underwear... it's more complicated. Our mission is to create a well made and comfortable underwear that lasts.

Watch our movie

to better grasp the spirit of our mission.

Our first aim is to produce in a responsible way

Let's introduce ourselves

Guillaume & Gauthier, enchanté ! And of course, there is a lot of people helping us behind this project. But too shy to pose wearing Le Slibard. Soon maybe the group picture!

Our second mission is to help our biodiversity

On some of our underwear we represent endangered species. By protecting forest, we help the wolves but also the wild bees and many other insects and animals crucial to our fragile ecosystem.

1 boxer = 1m²

of forest bought with Natagora to preserve wildlife

What we accomplished already

Our collections

Have a look at our Slibards. Wildness and elegancy.